How Long Does SEO Take?

When attempting to increase your site’s traffic, it can take a long time! Especially if you’re just new to SEO – this is why it is important to hire an SEO expert Melbourne. Even after you have hired an SEO expert, how long will it take? Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to answer this question. Depending on your niche it can range fro a couple of months to a year (even more). 

In order to increase your SEO, you need to consider the way search engine optimisation has changed. There is no longer a single keyword or group of keywords that will bring you more traffic. Now days, we  search entire questions. “Why does my stomach hurt?” or “How do I increase my website traffic?” Instead of focusing on the single keywords, you need to focus on questions people ask and their natural language. Now you need to use that knowledge to increase your traffic. Unsure of how to do this? SEO experts Melbourne can help.

How long will SEO Melbourne take?

The amount of time SEO takes depends on your website. SEO is a dedicated, time taking process. For the first two months you’re focusing on your SEO, you won’t see results. Month 1 involves research and website auditing. Month 2 focuses on parts of the site that need to be overhauled. These are adjustments made based on the results of month 1’s research. By Month 3 your company will implement the SEO while creating content. Blogging, posting new FAQs, expanding the information posted in your site. At the end of this month you have the potential to begin seeing results. It is unlikely that your sales will increase here, but it is possible. By Month 4 you will see a marked increase in your traffic, and by Month 5 you will be incorporating everything into your social media accounts. By Month 6 your sales and traffic have increased. However, it is important to note that this is not when you should stop SEO. It takes up to a year for the full effects of SEO to be felt. Giving up before this mark will make ensure that your site has not been optimised to it’s full extent.

Hire An SEO Consultant Melbourne

Companies have been built on increasing SEO.  Melbourne SEO Services can help. Their Website. Content. Share. Way of operating has helped companies across the continent. Melbourne SEO has successfully optimized Horseland, The Dentists, and Psychology Melbourne. They have also been featured in General Assembly and TedX. Tried and true companies are far more beneficial than just trying to improve your site all by yourself. Their expertise comes from continually improving their research, continually succeeding, and counseling their clients on the long term process that SEO is.


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