What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing has many great advantages; however, you need to be creative and strategic in the way you go about it. There is a study that shows around 78% of salesmen who use social media for business outsell their competitors. Social Media Marketing is used to grow awareness of a business brand, increase the traffic to a business website and to promote a business’ services and products.

An increase in brand recognition is the most obvious advantage to social media marketing. The reason it is such an advantage because it is cost efficient and lets potential online customers know exactly where a business is established and what sort of business they are. For example, a social media management business from Melbourne can post on their social media pages that they are offering all businesses in Melbourne a discount when they sign with them to create a social media marketing strategy for their brand. The benefit that social media has over traditional media is that it gets a brand in front of people more easily and is most of the time it is completely free.

Businesses also use social media to generate a conversation about their products and services. The comment section provides businesses with a way to obtain feedback and engage with their customers. Lots of businesses post open-ended questions to their followers and customers to make sure that their company is going in the right direction.

Another benefit of a social media marketing is that it improves search engine rankings on sites such as Google and Bing. Social Media Examiner finds that around 60% of firms who market on social media for at least a year see at least some improvement in search engine rankings. The higher a business ranks on a search engine website the more traffic and hits it acquires. When it comes to Social Media Management having a search engine optimisation strategy is very important. To improve search engine optimisation, a business should create high quality content and integrate targeted keywords into that content, both on their social media page and their website page. Many potential customers end up finding what they are looking for on the first page of Google and that is why having a search engine optimisation strategy is important. For example, a social media management business in Melbourne may create quality blogs or advertisements for their website and social media pages that integrate key words like Melbourne and Social Media Management. So, when a potential customer types “Social Media Manger in Melbourne” in a search engine their business will hopefully come up on the first page and not the second.

Social Media Marketing is most importantly cost effective. Creating a profile is free on just about every social networking website. Paid promotions through a social media website is also very low compared to other marketing tactics. Social Media advertising can be targeted as well, making it very efficient. You can target your advertising to a certain group of people such as men and in a certain city such as Melbourne.


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